Being able to accurately track and record the precise number of people present in building or moving through high-traffic areas at any given time is an invaluable asset. An exact count not only allows organizations to optimize their staffing and energy demands, it is also a key component in marketing intelligence gathering initiatives.
With an accuracy of greater than 99% in the field, the People Counter provides more reliable data than the passive infrared sensors, laser scanners or 2D video-based systems currently on the market.
The IEE People Counter offers the following function :

  • Occupancy Monitoring in real time to:
    • control minimum and maximum occupancy
    • support evacuation measures

  • Detection and analysis of pedestrian flows. With the web-based Occupancy Monitoring software, the count data that has been collected can be displayed in real time (live GUI). The software also has the capacity to provide historical data analysis, data aggregation and time plotting – allowing organizations to calculate such things as the maximum number of people, and the average time an individual spends in a particular area

  • Optimization of a building’s ventilation and energy efficiency

  • Wrong way detection – detecting and counting people moving in the wrong direction