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Techsphere VP-II X (Hand Vascular)

Suprema (Fingerprint,Facial Biometric)
VP-II X User Manua (1.0Mb) Biostar Manual 1.8 (6.51Mb)
VP-II to XG controller connection (51.2Kb) Facestation UserGuide(4.81Mb)
NetControl-X Manual (1.88Mb)  
Accessories IEE 3D MLI Sensor
Duali DE620 Install Guide (930kb) People Counter M1 (4.21Mb)
Duali SDK (15.2mb) People Counter M2 (2.8 Mb)
  Tailgate/Mantrap TDFlexM1 (17.08Mb)
  Tailgate/Mantrap TDFlexM2(4.38Mb)
  Volumetric Object Surveillance M1(1.91Mb)
  Volumetric Object Surveillance M2(2.43Mb)
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